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Sweet Smile On A Gloomy Day

It was a gloomy morning and my original plan was to head to one of the famous caf├ęs in town. Turned out that I had to change my plan because of the rain and ended up visit a guitar store instead in North Vancouver, BC.
Even so I think I really do have the artistic vibes in my blood, because as we were about to leave the guitar store, I found that there was a marine engine and boat repair area just next to the guitar store… and I immediately grabbed some of my fashion glasses and hat out of my vehicle and took a few shots there. And… turned out I really liked the overall atmosphere of this place and this just matched so well with my outfit that day.
The casual hip hop street fashion look is my recent favorite, as Vancouver is getting more chill each day it’s time to shop for some sweaters/ hoodies. My favorite combination would be to just add any maxi skirt with hoodies (usually the colorful ones if your hoodies are in plain colors). This time since my hoodie was quite colorful I paired…

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