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Audrey Moment & Birdcage Love

Hi Guys! Happy Monday. Last time I said I would write a post about 8 must have items for winter however, during the weekend I went to several cute places for afternoon tea so I guess it’s better to share those places for you girls first =) This afternoon tea gathering with my bbf had been scheduled for a long time and hence we both wanted to go for somewhere we both haven’t been to. I did a few research and found out that there were at least 7 new afternoon tea salons I have never been to. Finally we found this delicate place called Audrey Moment Afternoon Tea & Café located at 6540 Burlington Ave in Burnaby and we needed to try it out!!
Originally we wanted to visit one in Richmond but the reason that we made a final decision to Audrey Moment instead was due to the decoration of its tea set. I love the half birdcage set up and the baby blue and pink wall of the salon reminded me of Alice In The Wonderland.
There are Four types of afternoon tea to choose from: The Rose Memories Afte…

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